Summer Holiday 2013

So When does the Holiday begin?

Good question… Marje is in L.A. and has been since last Sunday whereas I am still in the UK. So Has my holiday actually begun yet? Of course not is the answer isn’t it? Yes I can play my guitar as loud as I like and belt out Kings of Leon from iTunes all day long if I wish. I can leave the washing up for days without a peep from anybody. I still feed the birds and the fish and mow the lawn and water the plants and do 8 hours work each day for Metsa Wood. So has my holiday really begun? Emphatically No.

Yes the sun is shining and we are having the best weather of the year so far and I can sit in the garden each evening with a cool beer or a glass of wine. But that doesn’t mean I’m on holiday does it?




Los Alcazares Sep. 2012

Hola Readers!

I’ve just got back from LA after spending three weeks in the sunshine. It was pouring down when we landed at Liverpool Airport and I can hear the rain beating against the window as I write this entry. Anyway, whilst I was in LA I kept a diary of what we got up to each day and I am going to publish it here. I will probably put on a couple of days activities each day depending on how busy I am. I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself of what I actually did in the last three weeks because normally I’ve forgotten by the time I get back home. I hope you enjoy it and it gives you an insight of what I actually do when I’m in L.A.

First Puerto Marina Blog on WordPress

Well here we go. This is my first blog which will not contain any information of any import as this is just a short test…

I’m not sure yet what I will be talking about but I’ll think of something. I hope you like the new web site. As I explained on the forum, the technology I used for the current web site is basically dead in the water so I have decided to go back to basics and start from scratch using the latest web technology.

I’ve tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Chrome browsers, so if you’re using any other browser then I can’t guarantee how it will look, but those four are the main browsers in use by most people.

One of the advantages of starting again from scratch is that I will be able to keep the site updated and add new features to make it more dynamic and fun to use. Well that’s the theory…